Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Day!

We love taking the boys out to do fun things as a family, and picnics at the park are a frequent event ( if weather permits) Gavin and Mike love to go fishing and Bugga, well as long as he can run around like a wild man he is good to go! Here are some fun pictures of our Family Day!

The fish started wiggling and Gavin freaked and dropped them! lol!
My happy boy
Boy bonding
My sweet boys

Tis the Season!

This was such a special Christmas with all of my fabulous men and extra special as it was Oliver's first Christmas! We had so much fun watching them open all of their gifts and be so excited for one another. I will forever cherish the moments spent with my precious family.
Three of my favorite people!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!
He's so cool
My big boy
My first Christmas!

Energy for life part 2

The day of the walk I was a bundle of nerves! Megs and I showed up at the park and met the Bullard family and before we knew it, with camera and video camera in hand, the walk began. It was so emotional and exhilerating to see all of these families out there in support of loved ones who are fighting this terrible disease along with those precious children. I dont think I can put into words how incredible it was watching these sweet little children give it their all to cross that finish line. It was inspirational!

Once the walk was complete, we met up with the LaFlammes and watching Elijah and Kylie together after they had finished the walk warmed my heart. They have such a special little connection without ever muttering a single word. I look forward to many more trips to see eachother and allow Bugga to have time with his sweet Kylie.
Team Bugga!
Kar and Stevie beginning the walk
He was so excited
Aunt Cheryl, Bugga and the girls coming through the finish line
Kelly, Kylie, Myself and Eli
This was all for you my sweet boy
They love eachother

Energy for life part 1

Elijahs Energy for Life walk was in Arizona and we were fortunate enough to be able to spend some much needed time with some fabulous friends prior to the big walk. Megs, Bugga and I took the 17 hour drive from TX to Arizona and between the laughter, Bugga rallying all day and night, speeding tickets from New Mexico's finest, tears, hugs, and a new GPS machine that we nicknamed the "Gremlin" this was a trip and a moment in time that I will never ever forget. We are so very grateful for Auntie Megan, as well as the Bullard family who drove out from CA, for taking the time and resources from their busy lives to come and support and love on our sweet Bugga! We love you guys so very much!
Also thank you to everyone who donated in support of Team Bugga. You are all so incredibly generous and I just know that God is going to use those donations in a great way to further research in hopes of finding a cure for Mito. Also a very special thank you to the LaFlamme family who opened up their home and lives to us. You guys are such an amazing family and what a true blessing it was to spend time with you as well as having Elijah and Kylie meet for the second time and re-connect!!

Here are some pics of our time together prior to the walk!

My sweet friend!! Who would have thought that we would re-connect in this way after HS? You and Kylie are such a blessing to our lives. We love you!
Kylie having so much fun with Megan playing at the park
Our neices from CA!
Bugga rocking out
His latin lover
Sweet friends

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5th Bday!

It is still surreal to me to say that I have a 5yr old son. It seems way to big boy for my liking. I look at Gavin and I no longer see my super chubby boy with his raspy voice saying " Ball! Ball!" Now I look and see this super handsome, sweet, empathetic, lovng, witty, smart, caring, funny, amazing big brother.He lights up a room just by walking into it and is such a joy to everyone around him. Hes always asking how he can help, being so incredibly kind to both of his younger brothers, and never passes up an opportunity to hold my hand, hug me and tell me how much he loves me. He melts my heart and I just know that the Lord has great plans for my sweet Gavin.
Happy Birthday big boy, we love you so so so much!

Horse Therapy

Bugga has officially graduated from his pony, "Merrilegs" and is now on a big boy horse! He looks so cute, especially with his orange cast. He is still loving horse therapy and gets so excited when we ask him if hes ready to go to see the horse's. At his session last week they trotted for the first time and he held on all by himself, how crazy is that! haha! This form of therapy has been so helpful and nurturing for him, we are so very blessed that he has been given this opportunity and I cannot wait to see all of the new and fun things he will be doing!

A little unsure....

and we're off!!!

Soccer Stud

Our not so little boy is in his second year of soccer. He LOVES his new team "Texas Heat" and is learning so much from his amazing coach. He is super quick on his feet but tends to be still a little hesitant when it comes to being assertive. He has such a sweet spirit so it is not too much of a shocker that hes not an aggressive player, but still he enjoys it and is learning valuable skills. His favorite thing to do is when he does a good play, he turns and squints one eye as to wink, and gives us a "thumbs up!" Too funny!

He is determined to get a goal so I am sure if that happens there will be a picture to follow!